On these webpages you are about to see themes that I've written with the purpose of helping people to gain Faith in GOD, to those who don't believe in HIM, or for whatever reason, and to strenghthen the Faith of those who are already believers, through the use of reason and logic. This information does not intend to support or defend any particular religion, and persons of any faith or belief can benefit from these themes and develop or fortify their faith in GOD.

My aim is to provide one theme each week, that if read with caution, may surely help develop or fortifythe spirituality of each reader.

We will begin with a theme that will help as understand through logical and understandable reasoning that GOD exists, without any doubts and that those of us who have faith in HIM, have a solid foundation to do so, and how it is smarter to accept GOD, than to reject HIM. The following themes can be found on the right hand side, in the order in which they were written, from top to bottom, I suggest that you read them in this same order, since they are designed to make the life giving message found in The Bible more understandable. We begin now with the first theme.


Does God Exist???

A Materialistic vs. a spiritual approach


We will start with the most basic, what logical bases we have to believe in God and not in incredulous science. I must state that I am no astronomer, cosmologist or astrophysicist, etc. but I do have something everyone should have and that is common sense. With this common sense we can recognize when the information we receive, what ever it is, is appropriate to be accepted as truthful so we can believe in it and act according to our own beliefs. Let's compare and decide what is more valuable and can be more beneficial between the two concepts: materialism or spirituality, and to consider which to follow in our life, with our family and when dealing with others. Also what it means in the future to practice one of these two ideologies.
    The basic definition of the word materialism is to believe only in what you can see, feel, hear or touch and by the use of trial and error testing. One other way we could understand the concept of materialism is as an ideology, as the way of thinking that accepts only materialism and denies spirituality.

Let’s consider the theme of the origin of the universe. .. in a strictly material sense, astrophysicists, astronomers and cosmologists throughout the years since they began to study this fascinating subject have imagined how it all could have begun. They have presented different theories about it which they have had to discard or modify in light of the advances brought to this field of study. Modern telescopes and advances of radar technology (radio-telescopes) with a reach and precision far different from the first ones invented have changed what were considered the standard and correct explanations. With these advances in technology it has apparently been confirmed (and I say apparently because the distances are so enormous that the light from other galaxies takes millions of years to reach those telescopes, how accurate can these calculations or measurements be?) that the universe is expanding, if this is true this means that all the galaxies are growing apart from each other separating at such speed that one day our own galaxies will be isolated from the rest, that we will be even more alone then we are now in the infinite cosmos. But that is not all, it is also said that in many millions of years the energy of the stars that form the galaxies will cease to be and dissapear. Of course this means that long before this happens we will be gone, the cosmos will ultimately be empty and dark. With this discovery(of the expansion of the Universe) they get the idea that is currently most accepted. That the Universe began with a big explosion known as “The Big Bang”, that if we were to look back at the Universe as a whole in let’s say a video or film and see it expanding and then stop and rewind, they believe we would see it compacting and become one mass, compacting and compressing so that everything, all the hundreds of of billions of galaxies that are believed to exist could have been as small as a golf ball or even something smaller. This is what the Big Bang experts believe….According to these same experts, some Billions of years ago this densely condense matter for some reason exploded in such a powerful way, that it threw into the cosmos all the components from which all the countless galaxies with their countless stars, then gradually formed planets of which our Earth is one.
    These scientists expect us to believe all these things because they can not visualize or find a more reasonable explanation of how everything started. Now there is a new and popular theory that is much the trend, giving a more complete and reasonable explanation of how everything started, this one is called "String theory”. The “Big Bang Theory” has it limits, for it to be believable, they reason that there should be a center where the galaxies should be separating from and this would be the “Big Bang ” center of action, but even they affirm that that center does not exist. They also state that the galaxies are separating from each other and not from one center of attraction. They also have another problem since they can only go back as far as to when initial matter was only the size of a golf ball. It can not be explained how it came to exist or what was there before the initial matter itself, or why it exploded. Consider also they affirm that this happened billions of years ago and as such we were not able to see, feel, touch or hear or in any way confirm it, because the studies on this matter have been happening for only a few years (the history of mankind is only a few thousand years old). Since the invention of the telescope, these conclusions are based on conjecture and calculations that are unproven. To accept them we have to have faith, a lot of faith is these scientists, or you can accept it without analysis, or make it a given that they are correct, but that would mean that we do not really care if it is the truth or not, and if this is our attitude, we can then accept any or all the explanations they give us. Now let us shift our attention to how life began. Scientists also state that life is existent in many other planets but as hard as it has been, to listen and observe cosmic space around us there has been no evidence of life outside of our planet. Until now, our planet is the only one that contains and sustains life.

    Our planetary system consists of 8 planets all of them rotating around the sun. Some of them have moons that rotate around their planet, like Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and our own planet. One of the closest planets to us is Mars and at one time it was believed to have life, intelligent life and also that that life might be violent and that might even attack us. It was believed that they were far more advanced then us. However with the advancement of better telescopes, the planet was found to be empty of life and incapable of sustaining any kind of life. The same has been observed in other planets. Only our planet has life so abundant that it is impossible to come up with a number. However, some biologists state that there could be as much as 7,500 million tons of life on this earth. It is easier for them to calculate this in weight than in numbers.. right or wrong as these calculation might be, nobody knows for sure. To me that is too small a number, perhaps they are not considering the the flora as life and or maybe just life on earth and not counting life in the seas where they say life started???. First of all lets see what the meaning of the word life means. According to the dictionary it is an intermediate phase between being born and death, this is what it is defined as now, but life did not start this way. According to some Biologists life started about four thousand million years ago, though others say less. The planet Earth was completely formed after being very hot for a very long time due to it’s formation process. And after some comets and asteroids had crashed upon the earth and the seas had been formed, the earth was still sterile, under these conditions a sort of simple molecular soup formed and with the energy provided by the sun and by lightning, a spark that would generate life came into play and this "primordial soup" would have to come together, molecules binding with other molecules until they became a cell. Then this cell would divide and copy itself and so on until gradually sea creatures started to appear and they would eventually climb out of the sea in to dry land and little by little they would fill the earth with all kind of creatures culminating with the apparition of man.

     Also following the same process birds evolved. We have to consider that parallel to the animal life, plantlife was also evolving right alongside it, shrubs, trees and flowering plants, etc., they are also living organisms and they were formed either before or at the same time since all living beings feed from them. Scientists state that they have proven this, by experiments they have conducted where they duplicate the conditions that existed when supposedly life began, and tell us they have created in sterile conditions the same simple molecular structures and with the aid of energy similar to the sun’s energy have been able to sort of give them life. They have gotten no farther then that, forming more complex chemical "building blocks" necessary for life, but they are sure that the whole life process should continue from that experiment and that it is indisputable. What is disputable between the scientists is the initial formation of life and that is why there is another theory that life in it simplest of forms came from space in a comet that crashed to earth.

As I said before if we are interested in finding out or learning we can accept this and other scientific statements in relation to the formation of the Universe and the beginning of life in our planet, this is a merely a materialistic concept but materialism includes other definitions that are good to remember. One of these precepts is to give importance primarily to material wealth. Another facet of materialism implies that we should put aside spiritual values (if we have them) and replace them with materialistic ones. ..how is this possible???. Well, in looking for a better economic position, to have better things or better entertainment, to shine in a certain activity like sports or music, or to be popular or famous or to acquire any kind of power like getting to the top in business, finances, politics, etc., being focused in these kinds of things can result in us forgetting about our spirituality and to put it in second or third priority. A materialistic only attitude can help to consolidate a good economic position according to our own capacity. Be it in sports, music, or the written word this is connected with the ability each of us have and if we have a special talent for it. But even with special talent you still need discipline and training and education to get it done, and in a world with more than sixty two hundred million individuals involved in all kinds of activities where there is very aggressive competition, it forces every one to develop their natural talents to the maximum.

The man or woman that rises above all others becomes a winner and all persons with a materialistic bent wish to have this same success. But it is not only at the individual level that one likes to be recognized as a winner, but also at the corporate level and at a national level, all corporations want to be the the one above all the others even if it means they have to cheat, countries also want to win against other countries be it commercially or in sports and to preserve their own interests are willing to go to war. All this and more are what provoke materialistic attitudes, delinquency, drug-trafficking, prostitution, etc. These are maladies that are a byproduct of society and of us to wanting to have more, without thinking of right and wrong, of who we have to run over or damage or even kill in order to get it. According to this concept… it is more desirable for a person to follow the materialistic ideology that only believes in what it can see and makes an effort during their whole life to acquire more and better things and to stand out in society???… is this better than paying attention to human values like spirituality ???…….
    We have seen the materialistic point of view of how the visible universe formed, and how life developed on our planet, now we are going to discuss the same subjects from the spiritual point of view. I have not found a real definition of the word spiritual, and in some cases it is confused with the word soul though they are are not the same, and that is because many a times the word spirit is used to mean something intangible and used in subjects that are materialistic like “the spirit of the law", “the festive spirit of a concert, a river, of a mountain and of the trees", etc. this can be very correct because almost everything and every one including us humans have a spiritual side. This spirit can not be seen but, we deduct clearly that it is a given that the spirit does exist. In these cases spirit means something special that gives things a certain life of its own. However, in the materialistic world there exist things with life and other that are lifeless, like the materialistic universe, there is also a spiritual universe. This spiritual universe we can not see it because it is not material. The same way we can not see “the spirit of the law, or the spirit of the wine”,etc.. but we know they are there. The same thing happens with the spiritual part of our existence, it is a region that is not accessible to any of our senses but if we are not closed minded in our understanding, we can perceive clearly that it does exist, that it is a reality, and not only that but also know that the spiritual region is much more important then the materialistic region. The spiritual region is where we humans live. In this same region lives the spiritual being that has given life to everything in both regions (materialistic and spiritual). And this is God and I am referring to the Only real GOD the Father of Jesus Christ and his name is JEHOVAH. He is spirit and and anything connected to Him and with his Son is to what we refer as spiritual. Furthermore all persons that are materialistic only, that might be scientists or not, reject His existence because they can not see Him. And we know by now that these people only believe what they can see, or come to a conclusion by their own methods, but the same way that the spirit of the law and of the wine can be perceived with out a doubt so can the existence of God be perceived. Why insist on denying His existence? .

Let’s see …. why such certainty ??? First, in the visible universe there is evidence of such an amazing order that it is absurd to look for materialistic explanations to justify it; let us look at the galaxies. These are made of hundred of millions of stars each one of them rotating around a center that does not permit them to drift apart into the vast cosmos. And the force that holds them rotating around the center is called gravity, this is a force that is present in everything that has a mass, the bigger the mass the bigger the force. The same thing happens with the spirit, this force we can not see because it is not visible that force is known as a law (of gravity) and nobody can defy it without consequences.

There are other very strong forces in the universe, one of them is magnetism, also not visible to the human eye and capable of attracting or rejecting objects and sometimes be stronger than gravity itself. Nuclear power is also another force and it is so powerful that it keeps the components of the atoms together. And these atoms are the building blocks of every element in the universe. From the smallest to the largest, from the ones with life to the ones that are lifeless. The atom by itself is unequivocal proof of the existence of a designer with the highest level of knowledge. Atoms are composed of protons, neutrons and electrons and each element is formed by the combination of different number of protons, neutrons and electrons depending on what element it is. Lets take hydrogen, the smallest of elements, it is composed of one proton, one neutron and one electron and those that state that there is no God (people that are only materialistic) believe hydrogen was self created. That the engineering marvel that all elements in the universe are composed of, atoms, are self created. In the same way gravitational force, magnetic force, electricity, nuclear force and other forces would have been in existence by themselves. And in the case of the atoms they would have been able to self-join to form (a drop of water is formed by trillions of of atoms and a trillion is a 1 followed by 24 zeros) in a very intelligent way to be able to shape molecules and from there hydrogen, helium, carbon,and other elements would come together by themselves, from there form stardust, rocks, stars, planets ans so many other things that the universe consists of. And each one of this different atoms with different atomic composition would know on it’s own how many protons and how many neutrons and electrons it would need to form what is was destined to become. Hydrogen is the lightest element and plutonium is the heaviest and so the atoms of plutonium contain a larger number of protons, neutrons, and electrons than the lighter elements. Let us follow the the path of creation by means of the atoms, in order to make hydrogen the lighter than air element, hundreds or thousands of atoms have to come together and this has to happen many times in order to form just one molecule and this one has to join other molecules that might be different and thousands or millions of them would form hydrogen. Since this is the most abundant element in the universe we can not imagine the number of atoms needed only of this element. And if it is that way just for the molecules we can just imagine the number of atoms needed just for hydrogen. From then on all other elements require more atoms and more complex molecules, nobody knows (not even scientists ) if atoms or molecules can self duplicate, the only one capable of doing it is the biological cell. This cell does duplicate the atoms and molecules inside of itself so then how did they come to exist??? How did they come together to become such a precise entity??? The definition of element is: building block of substances . There are 118 different elements among them gold, silver, copper, lead etc… The lightest has a composition of 1 that means it has one proton, one neutron and one electron. On the other hand plutonium has 94 protons, neutrons and electrons. Without needing to be too bright, how do the atoms know if they need one or many protons ??? How do the atoms know they have to join to a lot of others more to form the molecules of a certain element???.

From the beginning it was realized that it took a very brilliant intelligence to take an atom and have it be able to combine in so many different and at the same time so very specific ways, also, to form different molecules and from there different elements and from there different material things be it living or inert. How did such an immense amount of atoms come to exist by themselves?? And how did they come to compress themselves as the scientists say before the “Big Bang”, into one spot so that later it could explode and form the entirety of the universe ??? And when I say the whole universe the imagination is not big enough to perceive what exists in the infinity of the cosmos. Billions of galaxies, each one containing billions of stars, with possibly each one containing billions of planets rotating around them and these planets having many moons rotating around them (Jupiter has over 300 moons). The stars are so big that in one, like in the case of our sun, we would be able to fit a million planets the size of our earth. For the logical thinkers none of this could have happened by itself, in its incredible amount of atoms, they would have to be created. A Creator must exist and this Creator is God Almighty, for him it was no problem, with his all knowing wisdom HE created and directed the joining of different atoms to form the different molecules and so on until he created the elements and then all matter, at the same time HE created all the forces that exist and control the universe. This is very different from what the scientists think, the universe will never cease to exist.

It is truth, believing that GOD exists means believing in an ALMIGHTY and ALL KNOWING being, invisible to our eyes with power beyond our understanding and with an unending knowledge. But Let us think about this, let us use our logic; in order for everything to exist, everything in the cosmos, without GOD, the infinite amount of atoms that exist in the universe would have had to come about by themselves, and to form the different molecules and for them to join in such precise and orderly way for the different elements to form and these elements would form different substances including organic compounds which are what form anything that has life, be it animal or plant.

According to astrophysicists, the stars are mainly made of huge amounts of hydrogen and helium, and these elements were created at the moment of occurrence of the “Big-Bang”. These elements formed the stars and the planets and one of them became our planet. Our planet became the most marvelous planet ever seen, full of life and with such perfection that it shakes and defies the theories of the materialistic minds. This creation and the creation of life , leaves no doubt that that all that exists in the universe , the one that we material creatures can observe, gives evidence that a supreme being exists . A being with the power to create the different atoms in those infinite quantities and create all the elements and all the matter including all the forces that rule the universe. True we can not see this supreme being with our physical eyes but by our understanding we can . When we accept God as the Creator everything simplifies itself., we do not have to come up with with theories that explain the inexplicable and we do not have to change it as new discoveries arise. We accept what is written in the Bible[Gen,1:1]”In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth", this simple statement explains everything. Let me side step a little bit and say that some in the scientific community are being honest when they perceive a greater knowledge in all creation, recognize that there is the existence of a supreme intelligence that guides everything that is created. These people, advocates of “intelligent design” are in the minority and are shunned by the rest of the scientific community. However these same incredulous scientists accept that all the universe seems to be developed in such a precise way and culminating in the apparition of man on earth that it would not be possible for this to happen by itself in this way and that it would be a very big coincidence, so amazing that goes against reason. The probabilities are of 1 in millions or maybe even billions or trillions that the universe and life in the universe came about by chance and this is not readily accepted by them since they do not accept the existence of a supreme designer. By these calculations the odds are too great, so the scientists came up with the parallel universe theory. There had to be so many probabilities against a precise development for the apparition of man on earth. If there were parallel universes, their theory tells us that there are millions, billions or perhaps trillions of different galaxies or universes, each one with it’s own “Big Bang”, its own sequence of events and deveopment, different courses through which each universe evolves, but so different from ours thath it would not be such a coincidence that ours developed so precisely in order for us (humans) to appear. This makes it seem to them to better the odds in regards to our own universe having randomly evolved into what it is today, inluding life as we now know it. In these parallell universes everything could be different.

Let us see, the materialistic thinkers do not believe in an Almighty Creator, they do not believe in him because the Creator being a spirit, He is invisible to our human eyes. However they do accept or believe in the fact that many more millions or billions of regions with parallel universes that they can not see either exist, now the infinite region of the cosmos also called universe can now be called a multiverse….is it not absurd??? However this theory has been gladly accepted by those that reject God as the Creator, also the science fiction writers also accept this theory since it gives them a lot of material they can use in their writings. But let us reflect on this, everything that we see of creation and life itself are governed by laws that put under scrutiny are very logical, that the scientists assume are absurd in order not to accept a Creator, they resort to this latest "multiverse" theory. Of course they are free to to explain their ideas, we are also free to accept what seems to be the most sound…..Are these ideas really scientific??? Are they really logical??? To those of us that like to think without being influenced by ideas or theories that have no logical basis, these ideas are not acceptable, we can not believe them. On the other side we can accept that a Supreme Designer exists, it's acceptable because everything we see in our planet and in the infinite universe is evidence of it. However we still have a bigger question …How did life begin and how did it develop, by evolution or creation??? We will see this in our next theme……





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